Together, let’s design your webite,
mobile application or software that meets the
needs of yours users

My bests projects

Speedy Nanie

#mobileapp #startup

With the founders of the startup Speedy Nanie, we co-built the mobile application of the same name.

This mobile application aims to connect parents and nannies based on their geographical location.


#ecommerce #ecoresponsable

The redesign of this website allowed the company to undergo a strategic repositioning.
It needed to differentiate itself from its competitors and assert its position as an environmentally and ecologically committed player.


#software #education

The redesign of this platform achieved two objectives:

  • Increase the conversion rate of incoming leads
  • Ensure that its usage becomes part of users’ routine.

They trusted me

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I specialize inuser-centered design,
mobile application, SaaS, business software and websites.

Whether you’re a startup, a small business, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, I support you on the following topics:


Analyzing your product is the first step to identify bottlenecks in order to optimize its user experience.

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Product design

Let’s create together your mobile app, business software, or website for your users.

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I integrate into your teams by bringing my expertise and external perspective for a given period.

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We’re willing to try a thousand apps once.
But we don’t want to try one app a thousand times.

Ok, but then how do we make it work?


To make it work, focus on UX.

In the graveyard of apps, there’s a crazy crowd (more than at a Beyoncé concert, really). They all left too soon because they thought first about their appearance and not about usability. So, let’s do the opposite. Ergonomics first, appearance and animations later.

“Don’t be that app that didn’t succeed because it forgot about the user experience.”


+Harness the power of design thinking.

I facilitate workshops with your users to build the app around them: intentions, barriers, pain points…