Save yourself the trip to San Francisco.

Palm trees are overrated.

There was a time when anyone who wanted a well-designed app had to go through California, the motherland of UX. An era has passed, much to the delight of startups. French product designers are making a name for themselves…



I’ve been helping large corporations connect with their users for several years. Convinced that things need to start at a smaller scale for the planet to run smoothly, I accompany teams with a clear, and often more tangible, mission on a freelance basis, like the awesome folks at Meerabel or Masherbrum.

Who do I work with?


Who do I work with?
Large corporations, medium-sized companies, and startups in Europe, Canada, and the US.

My motto.


“Close to the thumb, close to the heart.

They say you have to choose between good UX and good UI. I belong to this new generation that doesn’t separate the two. If you want to create attachment, you have to be beautiful, but above all very ergonomic.

Swipe to the right.
Scroll again.

A good DJ gets the hips moving,
a good product designer gets the thumbs moving.


1. Anticipate the Standards

It’s up to the new guard to refine best practices while forging new habits.

2. Let’s Be Good Parents

Chaotic apps have had a chaotic genesis. Fluid apps, a fluid genesis.
That’s it.

3. Community First

We should always be able to clearly express, “Here’s how this project will improve the daily lives of its users.”

I’m described as a Peter Pan collar with a firm grip.


The torch has been passed, Margaret. I appreciate rigor; there’s nothing like the beauty of a perfect angle, and I’ll tell you frankly if you’re going the wrong way. However, you’ll quickly notice that I’m much more approachable than the Iron Lady, and I even sometimes arrive with croissants. Real ones, with butter inside, that leave crumbs on the sweater.

I’ll buy you coffee. And it will be unfiltered.