Speedy Nanie, the mobile application that connects parents and parents based on their geographic location


Prescillia and Sarah sought my expertise to assist them in creating their mobile application, Speedy Nanie. This app aims to connect parents seeking a babysitter with caregivers willing to look after children.


Develop a simple, intuitive mobile application with a fresh and trendy design

Key project points

Project management

User journey

Mobile application

Creation of a graphic universe

Creation of the user journey

In discussions with the team, it became apparent that the user journey wasn’t very clear to them. Through a storyboarding workshop, we were able to define it together and come to an agreement. This step provided an overview of all the work to be done and identified the different functionalities to implement. This greatly facilitated my wireframing work.

Structuring the application

Once the user journey was identified, I focused on shaping the app, particularly on the structure of the different screens. I created various wireframes for the application. The developers ensured technical feasibility.

Designing the graphic universe for Speedy Nanie

After establishing and validating the application’s structure, I concentrated on the visual aspect. I proposed a graphic universe consistent with the target users and the startup’s colors. I played with colors and opacities to enhance readability and highlight information. This also contributes to optimizing the user experience.