Creation of the Edidact mobile application


Once the platform redesign was completed, Karim and I worked on the mobile application. We leveraged all the prior work to capitalize on what had been done and to be as efficient as possible.


To create the mobile application for the Edidact platform

Key project points

Project Management

User experience

Mobile application

User journey and navigation

We began by revisiting the work done during the initial workshop to identify navigation.

We adjusted the various key user journeys to ensure they were suitable and aligned with mobile app conventions.

We refined the wording of each navigation tab to make them clearer and more understandable for users. We applied this wording to the platform for consistency.

Once this work was completed, I moved on to wireframe design.

UX Design

I focused on structuring and prioritizing information.

To do this, I ensured to adhere to mobile conventions such as one action per screen.

I paid attention to ensure that the content was neither too large nor too small, and that action buttons were comfortably placed within the user’s reach.

Of course, I used the UI kit established earlier to create unity between the platform and the mobile application. I reused the same design codes from one tool to another to create a simple, intuitive, and consistent user experience.

Again, we approached this project iteratively.

I presented my various works to the team, and the development team leader was present to validate technical feasibility. In case of issues, I revised my proposal to ensure it could be achieved within the given time frame and was technically feasible.

UI design

To create consistency between the platform and the mobile application, I applied the chosen visual universe from the initial stage of the project.