Development of the Konecteam Mobile Application


Florian Bermudes, co-founder and CEO of Konecteam, reached out to me for the redesign of his application. The V1 of his application was a Progressive Web App (PWA).
It was limited in terms of functionalities (for example, no possibility of implementing a notification system). Another issue was the non-ergonomic and unintuitive user journey of the PWA.

For the redesign of his product, Florian wanted a native application with an optimized user experience.


Create an intuitive and modern mobile application integrating features such as notifications.

Key Project Points

Project management

Optimize user journey

Create a graphic universe

Respect visual identity

Defining the User Journey

Before beginning the application design, it’s essential to consider and validate the navigation and user journey. Therefore, I proposed a co-design workshop to Florian. Together, we built these two elements.

This work helped identify key screens, features to implement, and aided in structuring the screens effectively.

Designing the Application

Once the navigation and user flow were validated, I started thinking about the structure of each screen and the placement of different elements on each screen.

I created components that I reused throughout the application to establish functional and visual coherence. I focused on information hierarchy. On each screen, actions are highlighted, optimizing the user experience.

Screen Design

After the wireframing phase, it’s time for the mockup stage!

It’s a very creative and ever-changing stage.

You need to create a graphic universe consistent with the company’s values while considering the users. They should recognize themselves in the application and feel that it speaks directly to them, not to their children or someone else.