Conception of the Uroquest mobile application
Pierre Fabre & AFU


The urologists at AFU realized that individuals with urinary problems often failed to fill out their follow-up documents, or that the paper documents got lost between appointments or between doctors. Therefore, they wanted to digitize this process in partnership with Pierre Fabre and the Brandsetter agency through a mobile application.

Problem statement

How to design a mobile application on urinary incontinence that is playful, fun, and intuitive for people who are not very familiar with digital tools?

Key project points

Target user group with limited digital experience

Consideration of technical constraints

Very tight deadlines

Creation of a fun and colorful universe

Project outline

Before diving into creating wireframes, I conducted extensive research to understand the issues faced by each stakeholder involved in the project.

Firstly, the urologists.

They provided me with the paper documents they had been using with their patients until now, their constraints, the elements to be included in the application, additional elements to add, constraints, etc.

Secondly, the target users. They are primarily people of a certain age with limited or no digital experience. This information is crucial as it had an impact on the user journey, screen structure, and particularly the choice of the graphic universe (font size, colors, etc.).

And finally, the development team. Given the tight schedule, we had to juggle with the schedules of each project member while strictly adhering to the iOS application guidelines. There was no creation or customization of components.

Wireframes d'interfaces de l'application Urqouest de Pierre Fabre

Screen design

Once all these elements were taken into account, the design phase could begin. I worked closely with the entire project team to offer the best possible experience. The work on wording was crucial. In this regard, the client brought their expertise. This ensures a real guarantee of quality and relevance. Thus, this work helps guide the user effectively, explain each icon, and therefore enhance the user experience.

Interface design and graphic universe

Once the content was approved by the entire project team, I focused on the form, i.e., the mockups.

After some graphic research, I created a universe corresponding to the client’s requests and needs. In this project, there were significant challenges. We needed to create a pop and colorful universe with colors that resonated with users while recalling Pierre Fabre’s graphic universe (implicitly blue) without copying it!

The choice of a pop and colorful universe was a strategic decision by the sponsors. Indeed, they especially did not want to stigmatize users regarding their health concerns. The application had to be enjoyable for users while aligning with the graphic universe.

Once again, all this work was done in close collaboration with all project stakeholders.

This project was a real challenge, mainly due to the very tight deadline. We had to demonstrate rigor, adaptability, listening skills, and teamwork.