Creation of the mobile application
Book Your Place


Manon approached me to design her mobile application “Book Your Place.” It allows students to see real-time availability in their university libraries (BU) and enables the BU staff to manage workspace.

Key project points

User experience

Mobile application

Administrative interface



Develop a simple and intuitive mobile application
Design the administrative interface

User journey

Before diving into the application design, I conducted a co-design workshop with Manon.

Together, we mapped out the user journey for the mobile application. Additionally, we identified the necessary information for the BU management interface. This allowed me to identify all the screens to be designed.

Aperçu des maquettes fonctionnelles de l'application Book Your Place

Mobile Application Design for Students

During this stage, significant work was done on screens displaying the BU floor plan and room details. It was necessary to differentiate between regular seats, those with computers, and those for disabled persons while integrating the concept of available and occupied spaces.

Designing the BU Management Interface

The second user of this tool is, of course, the BU manager.

An administrative interface for the BU needed to be created. It enables making a certain number of seats unavailable due to maintenance, for example, with just a few clicks. It also allows making all seats available at the end of the day.

Aperçu de l'interface administrateur de la BU
Aperçu du design de l'application mobile

UI design

Based on the brand guidelines, I created a fresh graphical universe by playing with the opacity of the color palette and integrating the logo into the background.